Do you work with young children and /or babies and have a passion to see this work expand and be a beacon of excellence? Resources Do you think that working with young children and babies involves more than playing with sand and water and should not be left to the government to sort out? Blogs Does your church run or rent out space to a preschool or nursery? Prayers Do you ever feel isolated as a Christian working in early years? Connect Do you know anyone who works with children and babies from birth to 5 and 6? Newsletters Do you want to find out more about young children's spirituality? Podcasts If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Love Early Years is the organisation to contact. We encourage and support practitioners working in early years care and education, enabling them to be better equipped to meet the needs of young children, building strong foundations for present and future generations. This is grounded in our shared Christian worldview and conviction. We hope that you will find this website helpful. Please feel free to explore the various pages or apply for Membership with Love Early Years.

Train up a child …

This is such a well known verse and is perhaps the aim of many of our Christian nurseries and preschools around the country. I love the photo of the two boys running off as there, just ahead, is a corner. […]

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toddler laughing

The joy of the Lord

Who can fail to smile at this lovely photo? Pure, uninhibited joy and laughter.One of the most wonderful things about working with our youngest children is how easily they laugh and how much fun there is every day. God tells […]

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Daily Prayer Point
Praying for children through the month:
19th - Give them favor with family and friends